Speaker Series


You're invited to this monthly meet-up, featuring marketplace leaders sharing their perspective on following Jesus in the workplace, and in all of life. Followed by discussion and refreshments. Free & open to all!

Previous Speakers: 


Susie Fikse, Executive Director of Hope for San Diego

Never give money to the homeless... Don't hire illegal immigrants... Drug offenders belong in prison... After framing these issues in black and white for many years, Susie discovered colors and nuances she never imagined in a biblical worldview that transcends political affiliation. How does God's heart for the poor and vulnerable teach us how to respond to the brokenness of our world? Susie wants to help you discover your place in repairing the rips in our social fabric through your daily life and work.


Brandon Smith

Difficult work, challenging relationships, struggling to keep God in focus—you're not necessarily doing it wrong! Jesus calls us into the hard places of the marketplace so that we can make an eternal impact. Nationally-recognized attorney Brandon Smith shares inspiration and wisdom for following Jesus into the hard places of work.


Zachary Beaver

Zach is a Vision Pathways alumnus, basketball fan, brewer of beers, and builder of artificial intelligence systems as a Senior Data Scientist at Google. He loves using data to help others uncover truth about questions that matter to them. Zach will be sharing about building relationships with coworkers, inviting friends into church community, how idols of approval and achievement have hindered him from doing those things, and how Jesus has met him at work!


Dr Paul Minifee

Dr Minifee, Professor of Rhetoric at SDSU, shares about race, racism, and loving your neighbor, teaching how to seek common ground with diverse groups of people, including those we've hurt, and how to rebuild relationships based on a shared mission.


Chris & Denise Yohn

Bio-scientist and marketing expert


Bill McCurine

Lawyer, Federal Magistrate and Mediator


Steven Cooper

God's glorious purposes in sex


G'Joe Joseph

The Vision Behind Vision Pathways

G'Joe Joseph, Executive Director of Vision Pathways & Campus Outreach San Diego