Ross Blankenship,
VP Graduate &  Table Leader

Zack Beaver,
VP graduate

"VP gave me the tools to see my work as part of my Father's greater work in the world. That realization has elevated my view of work, causing me to pursue it with more passion and joy, and given me greater confidence in my job because I can rest in the assurance that my Father's work will always be carried to completion."

Brenn Bagwell, Parent

"As parents of a Vision Pathways participant, my wife and I wholeheartedly recommend this effort and the opportunities it has afforded our daughter.  VP has made the cross-country move and start-up of a new career much less stressful, while offering her wonderful ministry challenges within a great church and the broader San Diego community as well.  Psalm 127 says that our children are like arrows and my wife and I are so thankful that VP's awesome Leadership Team has helped our daughter “launch” into a world which needs Christ so desperately."

Dr. Patrick Larochelle, Career Mentor

“It was a privilege to be asked to be a mentor for Vision Pathways, and I was excited to have the opportunity to invest in and encourage someone as they wrestled with questions of calling and sought to understand what it means to be a follower of Christ in the workplace. I did not foresee, however, the extent to which I would be encouraged in this process. I have learned a great deal from walking with my 'men-tee' as he has thought deeply about God’s vision for this world and how his life and work might fit into that vision. I wish Vision Pathways had been around when I finished college!”