Berkeley's thoughts on the most recent speaker series

In our culture today, relationship is often synonymous with words like complicated, heartbreaking, risky, hurtful, and confusing. Though any relationship between two sinful people always requires work, it doesn't have to result in heartbreak, bitterness, or hurt. On Friday night, Bill and Dana did an incredible job offering wise, godly advice on marriage and dating and how God intends those relationships to work. I loved how they mixed personal life stories with Biblical wisdom to teach us how God can redeem and restore broken relationships in our world.

One of my favorite parts of the discussion was when Dana talked about how many times the Christians in our generation can "overthink" relationships and be "perched to flee" at the first sign of doubt. We need to learn to rest in a relationship, bathe it with prayer, and trust God to work in the love, patience, and kindness in His timing. I think our generation underestimates how much love can be developed in a relationship when both people really work at it. If the woman continuously finds her identity and fulfillment in Christ, then the man won't buckle under the pressure to be her savior and they can both freely learn how to love each other well. If the man honors the woman and is willing to give everything for her, then she'll want nothing more than to submit to his Christ-honoring leadership. These concepts truly can transform the way guys treat girls and the way girls view guys in today's culture.