If We are Faithless, He Remains Faithful, for He Cannot Deny Himself

Since I have moved to California 2 months ago, I have seen God's faithfulness and provision in ways I didn't even expect. I think this is how the Israelites felt when God delivered them out of Egypt. They had prayed their whole lives to be freed from Egypt, and when God answered yes, I think they were a little dumbfounded. I think I mimic them in so many ways, by praying without watching expectantly for God to answer. In response, God constantly told them throughout history to REMEMBER His gifts of grace in their lives. 
You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day. -Deuteronomy 8:18
I want to remember for myself how God has answered my prayers and share it as an encouragement to anyone doubting God is a God of action. I record some of my prayer requests because I am quick to either assume God hasn't answered my prayers, or to forget when He does! Many of my prayers from this past April were asking God to provide for me to move out to CA, and He gave me more than I asked (this isn't even all of them)! The Italics are specific requests I recorded months ago.
1. Have a job over the summer to save a goal of $5,000. Within 2 weeks of graduating college, God gave me a nanny job for the entire summer all the way up to the week before I moved. The pay was more than I anticipated, and I was able to form a friendship with the mom who had just moved from CA. Thats a whole other story of God's sovereignty. I was able to save over $5,000.
2. Find an affordable/cheap air flight. Since my mom was able to sell her house 2 days before I moved to CA, she paid for my ticket! I guess you could say it was affordable!
3. Plug me into the community quickly. I knew hardly no one moving out here and was scared it would take a long time transitioning and forming relationships. I felt at home within 2 weeks!
4. I would be able to see the fruit of the decision to move out here, even in my own walk with Christ. There were times after I made the decision to come to CA when I thought, "Wait, what am I doing? Why am I moving across the country again?" I wanted to have an ongoing peace and affirmation, and I couldn't write down all the ways God has affirmed me since I've been here. I've uniquely learned so much about serving alongside the church right here in San Diego, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 
In my own relationship with Christ, he has taught me in so many ways the last few weeks to come to him with my heart: to tell him my fears, desires, questions, wants, needs, decisions, etc. I should expect God to answer my prayers, not like a genie who does what I want, but as a Father who knows EXACTLY what is good for me. I literally could not have moved out here on my own efforts, and its so joyful to say that GOD RECEIVES ALL GLORY. 
[When I forget] or am faithless, He remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself. 
-2 Timothy 2:13