A Living Sacrifice in the Workplace


I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship—Romans 12:1

Fulfilling this verse in the workplace, I have come to learn, is a process entirely different from

that which I originally envisioned. Offering my body as a living sacrifice in this transition to San Diego

and in starting a new job has proven equal parts challenging and rewarding. Never before have I experienced such great change in so short a time, and  Romans 12:1 applies to my life more now than ever.

I recognize the challenge this verse presents throughout the day, though I often overlook its direct
application to my life. My brief tenure at ADP has revealed that not every day will present the opportunity to climb upon your desk and loudly proclaim the mercies of Christ to your coworkers. One must be a tad more savvy than this. Seldom, in fact, have opportunities naturally arisen in which gospel-centered conversations were possible. Indeed, merely focusing on my job, itself, and honoring the position God has granted me at ADP can be challenging, even without deliberately seeking ways in which to share the gospel. To focus on the tasks of my job while concurrently seeking opportunities to share Christ with my coworkers is no easy task, and one I'm finding increasingly challenging in the overtly secular environment of ADP (though I understand such an environment is pretty common).

Keeping in line with a key point Stephen Phelan has preached over the previous months, it is clear that there is redemption in work itself, not merely in the opportunities it presents to interact and verbally share Christ with others. Certainly, such opportunities to engage in Christ-centered conversation do exist, and a prayer of mine is that I seek out and intentionally create such conversations that allow the gospel to shine. One of the greatest things I can do, however, is to exhibit an attitude worthy of the gospel, and work diligently “with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord”. This, above all I believe, is what I’ve learned thus far: that one’s work is a gift from God, and that a fulfillment of Romans 12:1 is the most worthy and appropriate way to receive such a blessing.