I Don't Want to Be Rudy


Last Friday we were able to hear Damien speak regarding our contribution in life. My biggest take away was this: The way I am (my personality, wiring, design, interests, talents, etc.) + investment = my strengths. It is logically less efficient to spend a ton of time and resources towards something you are not naturally good at (like Rudy), and also less efficient to have a great talent you don't invest in. Something PROFOUND for me was this concept: Discovery (like learning something new about yourself from a personality test) does not lead to impact; you have to make a plan for how you will invest in your talents. 

I can be such a dreamer, entertained by thinking and philosophy, that sometimes I leave without an action plan. Having a job in the P.R. field has only highlighted the fact that I am not a natural planner nor detailist--I take things as they go. While this can be a great thing, it can also be the excuse for not following through with my long term goals. 

One of my dreams would be to be a speaker at a women's conference. I love speech writing and surprisingly like public speaking. I would love to look into the faces of different women and help them discover their identity in Christ. However, I am also 23 and have alot to learn. No one becomes a speaker overnight without some time and skill-development under their belt, which is why Damien's talk inspired me to write an action plan for how I will get there. Not only did Damien inspire me, but by God's grace I have friendships in my life with people who are awesome at strategizing action steps and goals (hmm Caroline Burdette? Aimee Joseph? ha).

So here is my next step: I am going to join a toastmasters. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a club designed for people in the community who want to strengthen their public speaking skills by giving speeches every week. I want to be a better speaker, but the only way I can is by practicing. I cannot wait to see the people God wants me to meet in toastmasters and the ways he will develop me.

Despite goal setting and skill-development, the beautiful part about dreaming is that I don't have to be the center of my world. I can dream with God, which is such a freeing concept. My identity is completely tied to His, and I can be secure that He has wired me the way he has for a reason; I am ultimately called to ABIDE and be FAITHFUL right where I am at. That's where I want to camp out.